The Patch ~ One of many memories at IslandView

When looking back at the 10+ years of fishing with Island View Charters, it is difficult to come up with only one memorable incident that stands out above all others. My time at IslandView includes countless memories that either took place while fishing or in the lodge. We have had fun at the expense of both The Island View crew, as well as ourselves, always kind-hearted and always in a way that makes me consider IslandView as our “Fishing Family” in Sitka.

Anyways, below is a story that always makes me laugh…
To set the scene, I travel up to IslandView Charters every summer with my two coworkers, it is a time for us to hang out together (outside of our family business). So one my friends (I will identify him with his nickname, Goose), is prone to seasickness and has become a true believer in the “patch”.

On the first fishing day of every trip, Goose methodically goes about firmly applying the “patch” behind his ear.    But on one trip, Goose obviously didn’t quite use the necessary force to adhere his “patch” because, while relaxing in the lodge after the first day of fishing, I noticed that his “patch” had fallen to the ground, which then Goose stepped on and which ultimately led to his “patch” becoming firmly attached to the underside of his shoe.
Looking back, I probably should not have pointed out the new “patch” location to him because as soon as I mentioned it, Goose became almost instantly seasick and abundantly concerned.    Goose peeled the “patch” off from the bottom of his shoe, located some tape – albeit black, electrical tape and once again secured that same “patch” behind his ear.
And there the “patch” stayed – black electrical tape and all, for the remainder of our trip. Just remembering Goose with this makeshift seasickness cure adhered to the back side of his ear makes me laugh all over again.

I’m not sure if this story is more of a testimony to IslandView Charters or to the multi purpose uses of electrical tape, either way, my coworker Goose, the “patch” and the multi use of electrical tape is always sure to make me laugh when thinking of all the great times my friends and I have had at IslandView Charters.


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