A Funny Early Wake Up Call

A couple of years ago, ten of us were fishing with Kevin and the boys.    The weather was great, as well as the fishing. The second day, we had caught our limits and Kevin took the four of us on his boat to check our crab pots.  The sun was shining and the water was calm.    We decided that we should indulge in a couple of gin and tonics.

When we returned to the dock, we continued at the lodge. I was the oldest and had to take a knee early and retire as I had had my fill. Kevin and the group continued on to town and had a great time.  Upon returning to the lodge Kevin and Kent decided it would be a great joke on me to put on boots and rain gear and wake me up telling me it was time to head out fishing.
As the cob webs cleared, I got up and started dressing.    Kent and the rest of the group met me in the kitchen and had a great laugh at my expense.

I had been asleep for only a few hours and the clock was striking twelve ha ha. It will remain a fond memory for all of the group as well as myself.    I know Kevin will always remember how hard he laughed.


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