No Girly Girls Allowed

kimbaBack in 2005, the women in our family put our collective feet down and demanded that we be allowed to tag along on the annual Alaska fishing trip.  We had heard so many wonderful stories from the boys:  husbands; fathers; brothers; and sons all blissfully sharing stories of beautiful Alaska. We gals wanted a shot at the glory. The push-back was in fun, but a little serious too:  there would be no girly girls allowed.  You had to pull your own weight, be down on the dock at o’dark thirty – no time for hair or make-up, manage your own pole, and basically “woman-up.” Game on/Fish on!  We’re happy to report that seven years later the gals are still going strong, and IslandView has become our favorite place to cut loose.  Each year, on our last day out, Kevin hosts a “Girls Only” boat and this has become one of our favorite, if not THE favorite day of the year for us. Captain Kevin has his hands full trying to manage a boat full of gals – but we sure do keep him laughing!  The photos offer a glimpse of the wonderful times we have had over these past few fishing seasons; we can’t wait to see what Kevin, Guch, and Bones have in store for us next.  Fish on boys!!

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